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Kim Odishoo, Acupuncture Physician

My desire is to partner with you to inspire and empower you in your journey toward optimal health.  To help you live an extraordinary life by nourishing and healing yourself from the inside out.  My true passion lies with the body’s natural ability to heal itself with the help of that provided by Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Herbs, and Tui Na (Chinese Massage) to name a few.  I believe that although there is a place for conventional medicine, more often than not, disease is caused by a disruption of the body’s natural processes and I prefer the use of gentle and natural methods to correct imbalance before seeking drugs or surgery.

Molly McNeel, Acupuncture Physician

Prior to earning Master’s degrees in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Molly worked as a Registered Nurse and continues to hold a current license.  She spent time working at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, in the rochester Regional Health System in New York, St. Clair Hospital in Pittsburgh, and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Syracuse.  The combination of her backgrounds in both eastern and western medicine allow her to thoroughly assess and treat a wide variety of patients.  

Steve Moreau, Acupuncture Physician

Steve has been an Acupuncture Physician in the Orlando area since 2006.  His extensive education is in Chinese medicine, Holistic medicine, and Organic farming.  He teaches at the Florida College of Integrative Medicine and maintains a busy patient schedule at Plant Street Acupuncture.  Steve combines his knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine to assist his patients to achieve optimal health.  Since 2015, he has also served on Florida’s Board of Acupuncture as a board member.

Administrative Assistants

Ann McGarry

Hannah Pimpo

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