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Hally – Several Health Conditions Flaring

“Due to several health conditions flaring up all at the same time, my nervous system went into overdrive and it felt like most of my organ systems were inflamed and malfunctioning. Western medicine offered little in the way of diagnosis or treatment except for recommending invasive testing and Big Pharma drugs which my body just couldn’t tolerate. I felt discouraged

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“Kim, I’m thrilled with the progress and healing I’ve experienced after just 2 acupuncture treatments. When I walked into your office the pain level in my ear was about a constant 7-8. Conventional medication did not resolve my ear infection/pain. After my first treatment I was able to sleep through the night laying down, instead of inclined. As I approach

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“Having experienced terrific pain for years, I wanted to try other therapy. The doctors were at the stage where they weren’t sure what to do with me, apart from give me pain meds. I was lucky enough to meet Kim from Plant Street Acupuncture, and I knew right away I would try her services. Her office location is beautiful and

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“Yesterday was a VQ test day. My leg was a little sore, but way better and the 4.5 mile run after was super. So, I guess it’s the tape that is improving my leg. I don’t know what else to say that it is. I love it! I definitely want to have it on for the half iron man duathlon.

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