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Hally – Several Health Conditions Flaring

“Due to several health conditions flaring up all at the same time, my nervous system went into overdrive and it felt like most of my organ systems were inflamed and malfunctioning. Western medicine offered little in the way of diagnosis or treatment except for recommending invasive testing and Big Pharma drugs which my body just couldn’t tolerate. I felt discouraged and hopeless.

Enter Dr. Kim Odishoo at Plant St. Acupuncture. She really took the time to listen to me during our consultation. I felt heard and seen. Dr. Odishoo helped me to understand what was going on inside my body, and she created a detailed plan of action to facilitate healing using only natural methods and my body’s innate ability to heal. With her guidance, I changed my diet and the supplements I was taking. I committed 100% to this healing journey with weekly acupuncture sessions during the acute phase of my illness. Within 7 weeks, my nervous system was calming down and my body was finding equilibrium.

I am tapering off my acupuncture visits as my healing progresses. I should be on a maintenance schedule soon. Thank you, Dr. Odishoo, for your encouragement and support every step of the way.”

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