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“Having experienced terrific pain for years, I wanted to try other therapy. The doctors were at the stage where they weren’t sure what to do with me, apart from give me pain meds. I was lucky enough to meet Kim from Plant Street Acupuncture, and I knew right away I would try her services. Her office location is beautiful and has a wonderful calming, relaxing energy. I was delighted to find her professional, so easy to talk to and had vast knowledge of the science of Acupuncture and herbs. I felt so relaxed and calm both during and after my first session, I was delighted in the results, even after one session, I felt relief and the pain was nowhere near what it was and the duration was already a lot less. I am so delighted by the results, she exceeded my expectations. I am now a regular client of Kim’s and have had the pleasure to refer my friends and clients to her. I highly recommend Kim for all your alternative therapy needs, she is a true blessing to all.”

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